Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ode To The Unknown

You darted into my heart and I am helpless. I never could quite remember another time when someone looked at me like you did. Like a shotgun and I was lying there helpless. Ashamed that you were able to see my desires I try so hard to conceal.

I was not wrong to root for you in that show you're in, where dreams are only as far as one's fears. Goodluck. The fire is in your eyes. And it lit up mine.

I Wish For You

R., to find what you have been looking for. The love of your life (your body clock is tick-tick-ticking ahahhaha) and lotsa "coins" to go with it ....

T.P., more wealth, more love, and a bright future for both Alex and Gabby.

N., to also find what is hopefully there between you and M.: respect that stems from genuine love.

K., more success, the kind that you want, defined by the desires of your heart.

A., more success too, for finding what you've been dreaming of, and the knowledge that you are more than equipped for it.

P., love ... of both the self and the capacity to love others because of it.

L., light, to know that our fears sometimes are monstrous only because we allow them to be. Courage, too, to know what your heart beats and to go for it.

G., love, too because that's the best gift this world has to offer.

H., self-confidence because you have what it takes to make good out of this world. You are not defined by the fates of your parents nor by the circumstances you are born into. Our destinies are shaped by our hands and that of the Supreme Being who believes in us. Remember, too that I love you.

To my friends in Lucena, more years of togetherness, in a way that distance defines togetherness because that's what we can afford for the meantime. When we're old and grey, I hope that the tequila wouldn't wreck disaster to our dialysis machines and that our lungs could still afford some puffs, and that our laser-cured eyes would be clear enough to recognize company.

To my family, more years of togetherness too because I'm just starting to know how to love.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Happy New Start for the New Year too!

To paraphrase a poem in Pablo Neruda's "Fully Empowered": Go on because you go on, because you go on. ( The original line goes something like: I go on, because I go on, because I go on).

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Around The Bend

Doing some last minute shopping. Christmas is just around the corner and although I wouldn't be going home to Lucena 'til the 30th, I don't think I would have enough time to buy all the things I need to.

It's the thought that counts, they say. Sometimes, the thought could really cost you. Hehehehehe!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


"...start over again ...."

Vodka Season

Seems like the vodka therapy is working. Been nursing a cold for three days now, and I've been treating myself with glasses and glasses of vodka. Hit off the week with a "one-rounder" (our definition by the way is more like 3 rounds ehehehe) of vodka with R. and we drank again last night, this time with TP, J., and R.

So far so good. I don't know if there's a medical reason for it or if it's really medically plausible to cure colds with vodka.

Or maybe, having a cold is my body's way of telling me I haven't been having alcohol lately. Hahahaha!

But well, no fear, Christmas is just around the corner and it's inuman time already. There are scheduled Christmas parties left and right starting next week. Couldn't wait. Hehe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Tina convinced me to change my layout and try the new and improved blogger beta. So here it is. It's cooler. I conceded because I thought I needed a change. Not just in my blog but elsewhere. I'm definitely transitioning. Slowly but surely. I hope.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Why Mau Is An Idol

That last shot, before the CBB (closing billboard) was glorious. After Mau had sung her record producer song choice, Reymond Sajor went on stage and hugged a victorious kababayan.

It was glorious for two things:one, both of them are Lucenahins (like myself) and I couldn't be prouder of the two of them. That tiny spot of ours in that part of the Philippines called Quezon Province produced not just one, but two, idols.

That thing about being regionalistic has some virtues: for every dream achieved, another person is told that it is okay to aim for the sky. Mau and Reymond showed us that. I could only hope for better things for Lucena and my province. (Another Lucenahin, Jenny Miller a.k.a. Jennifer Rances is also making a name for herself in the entertainment industry).

And that's the second reason why the victory was glorious. My Mom, who's not used to staying up late (unless I told her to catch "Reporter's Notebook" which airs late at night) texted me after Mau was announced the first-ever winner. To paraphrase her, she said she was happy that Mau had won. Mom told me Mau did not manage to finish high school (subject to confirmation) and her life was really hard-up. She was from the same high school where I came from and was a year younger. "Buti na lang, milyonarya na s'ya ngayon," Mom said.

I couldn't agree more. I guess we all could relate to the struggle that one has to go through to reach and realise a dream. Mau was a veteran of singing contests and it is but fitting to have this crown on her head before she shifts into a full-pledged artist.

I've seen her sing in our Glee Club and several other school events in high school and I knew she was going to go somewhere. Talent is what God gives to people to aid them in fulfilling their dreams.

Somehow it seems, it is her destiny. Maybe that's why she had lost to Sarah Geronimo in the "Stars For A Night" several years back. She was destined to be an Idol for a lifetime.

Friday, December 08, 2006


There are intangible concepts that can be felt. Like love for example. Or friendship. Or trust.

Or God.

The trip to Tokyo nearly didn't push through because of the then impending promulgation on the Subic Rape Case on the 27th. We were to leave the day after, the 28th, and the office couldn't afford to let me off.

The next day, I learned, the promulgation was reset to December 4.

While in Tokyo, R. and I wanted so much to extend because we thought three days wouldn't be enough to see the sights and enjoy the sounds of Tokyo.

On our second day, we inquired about how much the rebooking fee would be. Japan Airlines said it would cost nothing. The three day trip soon became a five day hiatus.

The trip to begin with, was a product of luck. When I downloaded the U2 ringtone, I was not aware that there was an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo to watch the band. I downloaded it and when I was asked to register, I did.

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, He chooses to disguise himself as, luck.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tokyo Tokyo

Bono in an interlude during the U2 concert in Tokyo, said: "Thank you for a good life. It's just beginning!"

Monday, December 04, 2006


Back in the Philippines already. Got back Saturday night. I think I must've enjoyed my bed again that I got a stiff neck (hmmm, from where? Or how?) But anyway, I only had Sunday to rest and I'm back to work today to cover the promulgation of the Subic rape case. Tired. Will post photos soon.

Friday, December 01, 2006


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All we need to know. photo taken from the john lennon museum

U2 Tokyo!

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Drunk In Tokyo

November 31, 2006

Just got back from Shibuya, Tokyo where we met up Isao's Got drunk with Hobgoblin drink which was only available from this British pub. Martyn, who was from a Tokyo News Agency, paid for the first glass, which was great cuz it saved us a thousand yen.

Dada was also there, which was the first time I saw her in six years. We were together in Kule.

Staying at Ruth's cousin in Ikabukuru. Been to Shibuya twice. Going to Harajuku for the anime thingie. People there dress up in anime as regular clothes we were told. Hehehe. Going there!

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Sunset in Tokyo

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OFWs in Tokyo wehehehe

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Dada and I

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Same faces, different place ehhehee

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At the Tokyo Bayview Park. Sa Roxas hahahhaa

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At the John Lennon Museum in Saitama