Friday, August 31, 2007


How far one goes depends on how much one believes.

When I was younger, I remember, my extended family would go to the beach for some RnR. It was fairly regular, most of the times, the trips were a product of the spur of the moment decisions. I loved it as a kid and I love it still.

During one such occasion, I remember seeing my Mom walk my Dad to the beachfront. My Dad had suffered a heartstroke but survived. But the stroke impaired his walking and hence needed my Mom to be at his side most of the times.

But Mom was walking my Dad not only because he had difficulty walking. She was walking my Dad because they were reliving the days when they were much younger; when there were less gray hair on their head, their sights much clearer, their bodies more agile.

I secretly liked those moments of sweetness between my parents. (Another such display was during the holidays - Dad, obviously drunk, sang to my Mom in front of everybody in the compound. There is still a sepia photograph in our albums to remind me of such).

As I was watching them frolick in the sea, I heard one of Tito say: "Bakit kaya hindi pa iwanan ni Thelma (my Mom) si Morie (my Dad)?"

I acted like I didn't hear him actually say it. But I knew where he was coming from. My Dad being an "outsider" in the family, meaning he was the addition to the family, they sometimes see it as too taxing for my Mom to take care of him.

Years later, I would realise, and then later on learn as one of life's lessons, why my Mom stuck it out with Dad.

Because love is also about commitment. The road to forever is not always smooth, the vision not always rosy-colored. There are a few bumpy turns, unexpected detours and blind curves. But what is important, when things like these occur, is to always hold the hand of the one you love. It's hard sometimes but when you think of that other person and you think you still love him. Start with that. Maybe that's a good place to start to pursue the journey.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back in Manila

Had some photos up already. There's a lot more in my camera, wanted to post everything except that the internet connection is slow and I got all crazy and lost track of what folders I placed what photos. Hehehehe. Anyway, some photos are in the Thailand folder.

Friday, August 17, 2007

I Meant Khao San

I just about spilled SanMig Light on the computer keyboard, hahahhaha, so that goes without saying, someone is really drunk.

On the subject of being drunk, I want to correct something. When I wrote Patpong in the previous entry, I was actually referring to Khao San where I was yesterday and today.

I was too drunk but I still remember asking "June," this Thai waitress what the spelling of Patpong was not mindful of the fact that I was asking how they spell Khao San actually.

This is the second night here in KHAO SAN. A very hip and very young. PJ was right on the spot when he asked what I was doing in Patpong which is a red light district.

Prior to going to this same place that we went to yesterday, we were with the participants of the workshop. But the rest had to go back to the hotel and we, meaning Rodel and I (the two Filipinos, him being with the Philippine Star) hung out with two Thais: Bes, and the other Thai whose name was too hard to pronounce.

We had a blast. Oriented them with San Miguel Beer (shouldn't we be getting a talent fee for promoting Filipino products?). At one point, one girl was looking at me and she seemed interested enough to leave her calling card with us. The other Thai guy was egging me on so I thought I had to come out to them and tell them I was gay.

I was gay, I told them but they didn't mind. Which brings to mind an assumption that honesty is always appreciated.

"It's better that way than people hiding under the cover," Bes tells us.

Regardless of one's culture, or language, certain values remain important.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


In Patpong now in Thailand. Known as the backpackers' area, I feel a little bit overdressed for wearng a collared shirt, pants and rubber shoes. The people here, mostly foreigners are wearing just sandals, shorts and shirts. But I came from a seminar, so that should count as a good excuse.

Anyway, I'm writing this from an internet shop in a bar that has a map of the Philippines on its walls and big San Miguel names. We initially thought the owner might be Filipino so we went in (discount? ehheehe).

"Many Filipino, here, visit," the lady said in broken English. The menu didn't sound foreign enough, I had pork with garlic. Back in the Philippines, we call it "adobo." hahhahaa.

Another interesting thing here is a really big San Miguel Light beer, maybe roughly equivalent to two and a half of the regular size SanMig Light back home. I had one giant bottle and it was enough to give me a buzz. No make that buzz buzz buzz buzz. Hehehe.

Picked up a few things for pasalubong, some fancily cute cellphone tags and kikay shirts (for guys, sounds like an oxymoron, not to our kind hehehehe).

There's also a tattoo shop where I'm planning to get one -- as a perpetual reminder of my being here.

Would be back in the Philippines on Saturday.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Painting No. 2

Originally uploaded by josephthaddeus
Love, immortalised. Ahihihihi

Finally getting the hang of it, the acrylic and the canvass. Not scary at all, in hindsight. Hehehehe. I'm thinking of buying a bigger easel for bigger paintings. Hehehe.

I Will Hold Your Hand

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If You Knew

(Nina Simone)

If you knew how I missed you
You would not stay away today
Dont you know I need you
Stay here my dear with me

I need you here my darling
Together for a day a day
Together never parting
Just you just me my love

I cant go on without you
Your love is all Im living for
I love all things about you
Your heart your soul my love

I need you here beside me
Forever and a day a day
I know whatever betides me
I love you I love you I do

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

August 7, 2007

When one is scared, it's always nice to have someone's hand to hold. :) One month after, and the feeling is stronger.