Monday, January 14, 2008

Hop-py New Year

I guess I'd be hopping on my way to work tomorrow. Turns out there are two cuts in my left foot. One long and slightly deep gash and a shallow cut below. The smaller one is all dried up. The other one is taking a little while to heal. But it doesn't hurt anymore. Putting my weight on it and walking normally is a challenge. It's like walking on high heels. Only, it feels like I'm wearing a shoe. Hehehehe.

Back to work again tomorrow after the weekend and the PGMA coverage in Cagayan de Oro. Back to my old life, as usual. I kinda miss it. I still haven't asked Sec. Gonzalez about the rationale behind the alleged warning to media people obstructing justice in crisis situations (supposedly he has information of an ouster plot on January 22). The results of the investigation into how convicted rapist Romeo Jalosjos will have to wait until the formal hearing on January 16 is concluded.

So many things to go back to. But first, let's figure out walking on one foot. :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Wedding and Some Holiday Cheers

A Wedding and Some Holiday Cheers

Jay and I went to Lucena for the holidays. After initial hesitations, I was finally able to convince him to join me, hehehe. It was an effort for him considering he's not into crowds ehehehhee so I was thankful.

Prior to that, Jiji, a colleague in the Justice and Court Reporters Association (JUCRA) - people covering the DOJ and the Supreme Court got married. I sang Jiji's favorite song, "Knocks Me Off My Feet" upon her request. I hope that didn't go badly hehehehe.

Now back to my Lucena stories. In hindsight, I realised that it was my first time for my WHOLE family and I mean WHOLE, cousins, titos and titas included -- to come across that kind of situation, seeing our kind of a couple. Hehehe. But they were very nice. Soon enough, I know, this kind of relationship will lose their novelty (or shock factor for some) and be seen as any other relationship. But we take one careful step after another. And I guess that's the way to go. Ease them in and conquer the world. Hehehehe.

Mom, upon our arrival at our house, fried us some shrimps. I'm not a big shrimp fan and neither is Jay but we finished everything in one sitting. That was a nice welcome. Jay met some of my cousins the day after and on January 1st. Both of us got really drunk. The weather was unexpectedly chilly in Lucena. But news kept the holidays warm. My cousin, Maila, is getting married this year and they had a pamanhikan. My nephewJM, is having a baby.

The holidays, overall, was filled with the warm company of family and the comfort of loved ones. It could not be better.