Wednesday, February 11, 2009


If you make me smile and my heart flutter, why is it that I couldn't even ask your name?

It's like peeking through a slightly open door, revealing little but wanting more.

Am I too scared? Or tired?

Many times I thought I have mustered enough courage to finally ask but once I am at the door I am, again, reduced to a fumbling fool.

"Is your name really spelled with a 'y''? I ask, a silly attempt at small talk.

"Yes," you say. Then you break into a wide open smile -- those supple lips, i wonder how it feels on mine.

I could drown in your eyes you know, whose tiny sparkles remind me of the sea glistening under the moonlight.

Something draws me to you. Something I don't know. Something irrational. Something exciting.

I wonder if you wear too much of a perfume so I could smell you.

But there would be no need for that, I tell you, because I could imagine you next to me and all I want to feel is the warmth of your body.

If only, if only I wasn't too scared to ask for your name.

I thought i was so much braver.

Maybe one day, I will.

Or maybe I won't.