Wednesday, April 08, 2009

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Paseo Gallery – Megamall

4th Level Building A

SM Megamall, EDSA Mandaluyong City





April 14- April 27



April 28- May 11



May 12- May 25



Paseo Gallery-Megamall presents fifteen freshie students from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts in their exhibition entitled, “Pause: Modern, Young Artists Grapple with the Times.” The exhibit is divided into three exhibitions, first part is entitled Rewind, the second part is Forward and the last part is Play. Their canvases show a valiant share of their own contextualising, interpreting and understanding post-modernism. Their critique in the perception of pomo trancend subjects, gender, and traditions are extracted in hues  determining to explore the context that created endless debates, euphoria, jargon, hype, hysteria, absurdity, creativity ,revolution to a certain extent and new beginnings.


“Pause: Modern-Rewind”,the first group posits the question of what constitutes art; they will explore post-modernism by examining the root and conventions in art. Their canvases will not give subjects to be looked at like objects and arrived at the expected meanings, but deep surfaces with questions to pause for. “Pause: modern, Rewind” opens on April 14 , participating artists includes Dodge Carpio, Isaac Sion, Tanya Umali, Joe Tanierla and PJ Jalandoni. “Rewind”, an investigation of the movement and critique of the context is on view until April 27.


 The second group- “Pause: modern, Forward”, comprises another set of young artists: Ana Mata, Joseph Morong, Maridan Pedro, Ralph Barrientos & Jocel Yabes, it presents works that subverts traditional gender representations in the media and pop culture.The exhibit opens on April 28 and runs until May 11.


Opening on May 12 and running until May 25 is the third installment subtitled “Pause: modern, Play” which experiments with the processes of art. Participating artists are: Irene Baltazar, Dawani De Leon, Jazz Gabriel, Cara Gonzalez & Paulo Pascual.


All exhibitions will be mounted and on view at Paseo Gallery – Megamall. For enquiries please contact Paseo Gallery Offices:  4th Level , Building A, SM Megamall EDSA, Mandaluyong City , Philippines; 3rd Floor, Ayala Center Makati City,Philippines, Contact Numbers: Mobile +63917-526-8082 / +63922-887-2736 ; Landline 728-0168 & 7065514; Email :




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Sunday, April 05, 2009


There is, it seems, always something that you leave behind a city that you're visiting, always something you didn't do or people who should've seen but didn't have enough time to pay a visit to. 

Or you leave your a little of your former self behind, like snake skin, you peel off from you and you know you're different. 

That is why, leaving is such a bitter sweet feeling. 

I'm wrapping up work in Los Angeles and will be going to San Diego tomorrow. Done with the accounting of the budget. Done with uploading videos. Will pack up things, new books, in my suitcase, the memories in the boxes in my head. 

Met a high school classmate and it seems nothing much has changed. She's still the funny one. Makulit pa rin daw ako, she told me, too. Drank (only me hehe) at a Chinese restaurant, the best we could come up with since she came from work and everything closes at 2 am in LA (I miss Manila in this regard). She owes me a videoke song. Hopefully, we'll be able to do it before I finally go back to Manila.

San Diego awaits. It hasn't been a year since I was there and there were so many things I wished I could've done there last year. Now the secret is out among my cousins, they kid me they'd bring me to you know what. I don't know. I discovered that I was uptight. "Loosen up," "Tiffany Jones", a Filipino who I've me through Ronnie from the hotel told me. "I'm all bark, no bite," I sheepishly told him. In my mind, too, I couldn't agree more. 

T.P. thought I was melancholic and serious. It didn't sound like me. Or I didn't think it sounded like me. I thought I was outgoing and all that. I was probably that. Maybe that's why I need beer. Hehe. To loosen me up. Beer brings out the kid in me. Adult life is so much pressure. Hehehe. 

I'm leaving LA behind, for the meantime. Hopefully I can return. I will.