Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Spent Christmas Eve with Jay and his family. Had a salo-salo. The kids (Sam, Nicole, including Jay ehehehe) couldn't wait until 12 mn so they opened their gifts thirty minutes earlier.

Sam got lots of kikay stuff including a necklace maker while Nicole got the artsy-activity stuff like Clay-do. Jay got a really nice shirt with a skeleton with a heart print from Sar. His nieces (Nanah and KC) and Paula gave a me a nice hat.

Chatted with Mama and Jay until around 4 a.m. Jay and I nearly finished a bottle of red wine. Was late for work today. Hehehehhe.

We celebrated Christmas four days ago. I got my "Mac Book" from Jay with some of our twosome photos with matching CD drive with an actual CD in it. 'Twas really nice and thoughtful. Will post the pic here how it looks. I love it.

Gave him a French language instructional CD and book. Hehehehe. He wants to go to France so I'm giving him a headstart. Either that or he could curse me in French. Hehehehehe. Joke.

Bought two identical red coffee cups - how Christmasy. Hehehehe.

I'm looking forward to spending the holidays back in Lucena. Now if I could convince Jay to go with him. Had asked Mama's permission already. Jay says he's shy. Hehehehe.

Bought my godchildren their presents -- boy, they're growing big both in numbers and in size. The gifts are getting more expensive. Hehehehe.

But that I guess is the essence of giving -- the actual gift-giving a symbol of one's selfless love.

GMA Christmas Party 2007

Tina and I during the spectacular fireworks display. Hehehehe

Friday, December 14, 2007

Have A Bunny Christmas Everyone

Last night, we had an early Christmas get-together- a triple celebration to usher in the holidays: Kara's award as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men for Broadcast Journalism for 2007, Nelson's despedida and the Elida party.

Pictures tell a thousand stories. Check out the photos in the photos section of this site.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season everyone!