Thursday, March 26, 2009


You will be forever etched in my memory however long ago been buried. Covered with layers of succeeding memories not related to you. But I would, sometimes, like a butterfly flutter my way to your tombstone where flowers lay. But you will not be unearthed. I will, am, as all other things in the world do, move forward even without me willing to. That's just how life is. The world turns and goes about its ways, regardless of the upheavals that lay before its path.

Acrylic on canvass

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Oldest High School Graduates in the Country

They could very well be the oldest high school graduates in the country. In the middle is Nanay Matilde and on the right is Tatay Nick. Nanay Matilde is 73 and she just finished high school at La Salle Adult Night High School. Tatay Nick is 80 something and he graduated from the same program several years ago at age 72. So currently Nanay is the record holder. Nanay wasn't able to go to high school when she was younger because of the war (ditto with Tatay Nick). It was only now that they could get their education again because their children are all grown up. 

Nanay will not stop from graduating in high school, she wants to go to college and enroll in a voice course! Naks. In fact, she got the Alfonso Yuchengco award which would defray the cost of her first year in college. 

When it comes to dreaming and going after your goals, both Nanay Matilde and Tatay Nick can teach us a thing or two. 

Mukha lang 50th wedding anniversary pic ito eehehehe :)