Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where The Sun Is Shining

That is my Sun Cellular phone taped on the computer. For all its unlimited texts and calls, I still could appreciate a stronger and wider signal. But I guess one cannot have everything. Hehehehe.

So I'll make do. Funny thing is, the cellphone has to be facing a certain direction (as shown in the photo) to receive a signal, twist it another way and it's gone. And it has to be taped on this particular PC ehheehe. It's fun actually to hark back to the early days of cellular phone signals.

I'm enjoying the unlimited texts and calls though. Not complaining hehehehe.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Age Or Something Like That

Age affords one the ability to not take the world seriously; to be non-chalant is another way to describe it.

K. gave me a shirt that said "It's hard to show I care, because I don't". Maybe I already am showing off that vibe but more and more I notice that I am not what I used to be three or five years ago.

Let's just say, I've learned to simplify and follow that old adage, "choose my battles."

Now, I can afford to pause, take a step back and think if something is worth bothering about. To see an incident in terms of its gain as far as I'm concerned and the ramifications in the general scheme of things. If bothering about it would actually be more tiresome than helpful then I don't give it a thought. Instead, I take a puff instead or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Jay thinks I'm the sort of person who don't care. On some level I think what he is saying is true but I always tell him that I've learned to choose the things I should worry about and check if the effort is actually worth the final outcome.

Because life has so much more to offer and what we take from it depends on how we see the world.