Sunday, March 20, 2011


I write this with a heavy heart, akin to having broken up with someone; the melancholy akin to longing, like someone has left and something has been put aside.

More than three years ago, I returned to the arms of art which I've written has been there all along -- in the periphery, patiently waiting for a side glance. It's fair enough that I devote some of my time to a patient lover, I once wrote.

But at this point, I may have to leave her again, at least for the moment.

Before enrolling I have set out that work would be a priority. And the time has come to make good that promise.

In the past couple of weeks, I have been busy. I thought I could just skip classes and just make up, submit all the requirements at the end of the term. But I overlooked paying the semester's tuition. Last Friday was the deadline and I didn't meet it. First, I didn't have enough money (hehe) and second, didn't have time.

It is as if some divine providence has decided it for me. And as always, or at least often times, during difficult times, I let fate take its course. I read once, that the best way to survive a storm is to stay in place and do nothing. Remember the adage: this too, shall pass?

So it came to pass. I will momentarily stop schooling. I only have a year and a half to go but that will have to wait.

I will focus on work for the meantime because I've said this is a priority. These are exciting times, the second wind has come. It's only when I find purpose that I find the reason.

Don't worry, art, my darling muse, my saviour, my refuge. We will meet again, and I will return.

I will save up for both us, so when I return, we will own the whole spectrum of the rainbow, we will bring the soft clouds to earth, the stars will light up our path.

And I know you will be there when that time comes.

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